Athlete of the Week

The Athlete of the Week program is sponsored by the All-Sports Booster Club. 
Athlete of the Week posters are displayed throughout the High School and Middle School
and locally at Lakeside Market and T&R's Corner Store. 
Varsity student-athletes are selected weekly during the season. 
Each selected student-athlete receives an Under Armour Athlete of the Week T-shirt.

Justin Daul12Football
 Jonah Miller12 Golf
Olivia Mitchell 12 Field Hockey
 Cesar Carlin11 Soccer 
Julie Reagan 10 Cross Country 
Trey Rees 12 Cross Country 
Olivia Fernandez 12 Cheerleading 
Jo Jo Turvey 12 Field Hockey 
Josh LiPuma 12 Soccer 
Kayla Neumann 12 Soccer 
William Schwarzmueller 10 Cross Country 
Marcel Wilson 10 Football 
Rachel Senek 12 Basketball 
Connor Seeley 12 Basketball 
 Yvonne Shepard11 Volleyball 
Aaron Weich 11 Wrestling 
Shea Munnikhuysen 11 Basketball 
John Bender    11 Baseball 
Mark Coder 11 Track & Field
Jen Darlak 12 Softball 
Steven Lewis 12 Lacrosse 
Skylar Munnikhuysen Track & Field 
 Grace Gerber11 Track & Field 
Joey Hecko 12 Tennis 
Kyle Lyon 11 Tennis